Campground Rules

All of these Rules and Regulations apply to you and also all of your guests. You are responsible for informing them of the rules and regulations, and responsible for their actions, and their well being. Any violation of the rules deemed to be serious enough in nature by the campground’s owners, may be grounds for expulsion of all campers from the campground, including the “primary” camper, without a refund.


Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children at all times. Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult while in the bath houses. Children under 18 years of age Must be back to their campsites by dark or 9:00 PM, whichever comes sooner, unless accompanied by an adult. Children are not to be left unattended at the campground when you depart the property. Anyone under 18 years old must be supervised by an adult (18 years or older) while swimming or using boats.


Only Registered Guests can use playground equipment. If you have not visited the office after May 1st, 2017 and signed our liability waiver, you are currently not a registered guest. Minors must be registered by their parents or legal guardians otherwise they are not allowed to use playground equipment.


Each Camper will conduct themselves in such a way as to insure the safety and happiness of everyone. Intoxication or indecent language will NOT be tolerated, and all violators may be asked to leave without a refund. Quiet Hours are 10PM to 9AM. You can sit by your campfire after 10PM but with “campfire voices” only, not loud drunken rambling. No music after 10PM, before that it should still be at a reasonable level as to not cause a nuisance.


Fires are to be contained in the fire rings provided, NOT too high please, never to be left unattended, and should be extinguished before turning in at night and on vacating site. If fires are too large, high, etc you will be asked to put it out. We have fire wood for sale at the office/store. If you want to collect dry/dead limbs that is okay, but No chopping or sawing of standing trees dead or alive! Evidence of chopping trees will result in a fine of $25.00 to $100.00 (possibly more depending on the severity of the incident). If you have axes, please store them safely, not left out for children to find, if we find them out, they will be confiscated.


Fishing is allowed in any place except near the swimming area.DO NOT USE MINNOWS – Live or Dead. Worms and bugs or lures are acceptable. Fishing is catch and release only! Do not fish inside or near the swimming area.


We will be picking up the regular garbage once or twice a week as needed. Please try and keep the covers on. We only accept garbage generated at the campground, please do not bring extra garbage from home. If you need to empty garbage, ask us for location of dump trailer in side field.


Must be approved by management before bringing on property. This also applies to any RV fridges being replaced with normal household fridges. Age, appearance, efficiency, and safety will all be taken into consideration. If approved by management, there will be an additional charge for fridge/freezer determined on a case by case basis. Management reserves the right to revoke any previously approved fridges or freezers.


Please read our Pet Policy


Only during daylight hours

Use the beach and pond at your own risk. There is NO LIFE GUARD OR RESPONSIBLE PERSON ON DUTY. NY State Health Department Regulations are posted at the bathing area. Please Observe. All children MUST be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. If adult is going to be swimming, a second adult is required to be the supervision. Any person under 18 can NOT swim and can NOT use boats unless an adult is present. The supervising adult must be able to swim and assist in case of an emergency. NO BOATS or FISHING in the Swimming area. No swimming outside of the designated swimming area.

Plastic boats/kayaks and an aluminum row boat are available. They are not allowed in the swimming area at any time. ALL those using boats must have life preservers (on back porch of office), and parent or guardian must be in the pond area to supervise if you are under 18 years of age. (NO EXCEPTIONS). Adults in row boat can sit on a cushion that also is a life preserving device. However, in the kayaks/splash boats, everyone must have preservers on and attached over head and around waist. Only inflatable toys are allowed in the swimming area. No other boats allowed in the pond or outside the swimming area, except for those we have for rent.


All vehicles MUST STOP, REGISTER and PAY at the office before entering campsite. If no one is available, please sign clip board stating intent and name of person being visited. No more than 2 vehicles per site. Third vehicle should park in the “Visitors” lot indicated near the pond. Speed Limit is 7 MPH – PLEASE OBSERVE. Obey one way road signs. No motorized recreational vehicles allowed, unless necessary due to disability and pre-approved, in writing by campground owners. If you have recreational vehicles, ATV’s, etc – keep them on a trailer and use them off of our premises please!


ALL VISITORS MUST STOP, REGISTER and PAY at the office before entering the campground, even if only stopping by for a short time. Everyone must be registered to enter the property, otherwise they are trespassing and may be asked to leave. For daytime and overnight visitor rates, please call or inquire at the office. The maximum number of daytime visitors is 6 per site, UNLESS APPROVAL IS GIVEN BY THE MANAGEMENT IN ADVANCE! The maximum number of overnight visitors is 4 per site, UNLESS APPROVAL IS GIVEN BY THE MANAGEMENT IN ADVANCE!

Visitor’s cars may be parked on the site if adequate room and ONLY if they are the 1st or 2nd car. If no adequate room or if it’s the 3rd car, it should be parked in the “Visitor’s” lot by the Pavilion. Visitors are NOT permitted to bring Pets; they will be turned away. Visitors may fish, but all fishing is Catch & release only.

If visitor is not an approved overnight guest, they must leave the campground by 10PM.


ALL building projects, improvements, lawn ornaments, signs, and decorations of any kind must be approved by the campground management. Any flags other than American flags must be approved before being put on display. We encourage you to keep your site neat and this would include keeping it free from collected items. Any modifications and decorating must be consistent with the overall theme and visual aesthetic of the campground. If we feel you have too many decorations we will ask you to remove them. Please limit yourself to 1 or 2 approved signs/ornaments. All building projects must be approved and meet local building codes. A building permit may be also be required. Carports are not allowed. 


Soliciting is strictly prohibited. Posted campground rules state that all guests must check in at office before entering so soliciting without permission is trespassing. The fine for soliciting starts at $250 per violation. Trespassing and soliciting without permission may lead to further legal action in addition to the fines.

  • NO playground equipment, swings, zip-lines, or other suspended apparatus.
  • NO ATV’s or any powered vehicles Allowed at any time
  • NO MINNOWS -LIVE or DEAD when fishing
  • NO Cutting or Removing trees or shrubs
  • NO MODIFICATIONS TO SITE without getting approval from the Campground Owner
  • NO DOGS in or around Swimming Beach area or at Playground
  • NO Children Unattended at the Beach
  • NO More than 2 cars parked on a site & only if space
  • Absolutely NO Soliciting.

This property is privately owned. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for loss of money or valuables of any kind. Please notify the office of anything observed which is not in the best interest of our campers. We welcome your constructive suggestions and feedback! Thank you!!